Practicing What We Preach

Energy efficiency and cost savings are top priorities in the electrical world. Our energy and sales teams are constantly sought after for energy audits, retrofits and design build suggestions, not just because of our expertise, but because of our credibility by practicing what we preach.

Our Certified Energy Auditors visited four of our locations recently; Cranston, Framingham, Newington and Rockland where they performed a detailed energy and cost analysis. These locations upgraded their 2×2 and 2×4 T8 fluorescent technology with the newest Cooper SkyRidge and Encounter LED fixtures and all have realized a return on that investment. We are on pace to audit all of our branch location existing interior and exterior lighting systems and make additional energy efficient upgrades in our locations by 2016.

EW’s Energy Team can assist you in identifying your own upgrade opportunities and create additional revenue streams for our contractors and deliver energy efficient lighting systems that provide immediate utility savings and a sensible ROI for the end user!

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